正确的电报(“RWR”)公开运作“Website” (volumesalontosa.com)为其带来的好处“Users.”RWR还提供“Service” to its other 用户。 “Members”被允许在RWR网站上发布第三方内容并发布会员’原始内容在“pay to post”基础。其他RWR用户包括“Investors,” “Partners,” and “Advertisers” –请参阅本文档中包含的这些特定术语。

This document describes the RWR 术语s of 服务 (“ToS”)  for all the RWR 用户。



用户数’ use of the RWR 网站 in any manner constitutes your binding acceptance and compliance to these 服务条款. This includes any modifications that the RWR makes unless RWR has granted modifications to its 服务条款 that may be superseded by an agreement made to another third party.

RWR可以随时通过在RWR网站上发布修订的ToS来随时修改ToS,恕不另行通知。用户’我们的责任是定期检查网站,以确定ToS是否已更改并查看此类更改。如果在任何时候用户不希望接受ToS,则用户可能不会使用RWR网站。用户提出的任何与RWR 服务条款冲突或与RWR 服务条款冲突的服务条款均被RWR明确拒绝,并且没有任何效力。


The term of 服务条款 shall commence on that date when the User uses RWR 服务s. It shall extend until one of these two parties dissolves their participation or a breach occurs.


服务 Limitations

The 服务s and content of the RWR are for personal and non-commercial use unless specifically endorsed or approved by the RWR. As a condition of use of the RWR 网站, 用户数 will not use the 网站 for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these 服务条款. 用户数 may not use the 服务 to:

  • 发布或传输破坏性,不文明,侮辱性,粗俗,亵渎,淫秽,可憎,欺诈性,威胁性,骚扰性,诽谤性的任何内容,这些内容透露有关任何人的私人或个人事务,或由RWR独自判断或限制或禁止任何其他人使用或享用本网站,或可能使RWR或其用户遭受任何形式的伤害或责任。
  • Post or transmit any material that 用户数 don’t have the right to transmit under law (such as copyright, trade secret, or securities) or under contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as nondisclosure agreements).
  • 发布,传播或链接到色情材料。
  • 冒充任何人,或虚假陈述或以其他方式歪曲您与某个人或实体的隶属关系。
  • 冒充其他人。
  • 随时使用其他用户的帐户,用户名或密码,或将您的密码透露给任何第三方,或允许任何第三方访问您的帐户。
  • 出售或转让个人资料。
  • 使用从RWR获得的任何信息来骚扰,滥用或伤害他人。
  • 发布或传输任何广告,促销材料或其他个人或商业邀请形式,包括连锁信,金字塔计划以及指向视为商业的第三方网站的链接或URL。
  • 在访问和使用我们的网站时违反任何适用的法律或法规。
  • 提供,出售或购买任何证券或期货;
  • 发布或传输任何包含病毒,损坏的文件,“Trojan Horses,”或任何其他可能损坏某人计算机的污染或破坏性功能。
  • Forge headers or manipulate identifiers or other data in order to disguise the origin of any content transmitted through the RWR sites or to manipulate your presence on the RWR 网站.
  • Use any automated means, including without limitation, agents, robots, scripts, or spiders, to access, monitor, copy, or harvest data from any part of the RWR 网站.
  • Attempt to gain unauthorized access to services, materials, other accounts, computer systems, or networks connected to any RWR server or to the 网站 through hacking, password mining, or any other means not intentionally made available through the 网站.
  • Take any action that imposes an unreasonably or disproportionately large load on the RWR infrastructure or disrupts the functioning of the RWR systems or 服务.
  • Take any action that damages or disrupts the functioning of the RWR systems or 服务.





通知事项 by the RWR shall be considered made by email to 用户。 通知事项 by 用户数 to the RWR shall follow the same protocol.

用户数 术语s


RWR尊重用户’隐私以及用户的使用和保护’个人信息。在用户过程中’使用服务时,可能会要求用户向RWR提供某些个人信息。有关此类个人信息的隐私的RWR信息收集和使用政策在“隐私声明”中阐明。 RWR鼓励用户阅读 隐私政策 并用于做出明智的决策。


用户数 in the 服务 is void where prohibited. 用户数 agree to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older to use the 服务. The 服务 is not intended for those under the age of 18.
  • Provide accurate, current, and complete information about yourself during 会员hip registration.
  • 维护密码和标识的安全性。
  • Maintain and promptly update the registration information and any other information 用户数 provide to the RWR to keep it accurate, current, and complete.
  • 对您帐户的所有使用以及使用该帐户进行的任何操作负全部责任。
  • Use the 服务 without violating any applicable law or regulation.
  • Represent and warrant that 用户数 are fully able and competent to enter into and abide by this Agreement.
Changes To 服务条款

The RWR may update the RWR 服务条款 from time to time. The RWR will notify 用户数 of any changes by posting the new 服务条款 on this page. 用户数 are advised to review these 服务条款 periodically for any changes. Changes to this 服务条款 are effective when they are posted on this page.





In order to access and use certain content, features, or functionality of the 服务s, the RWR may ask 用户数 to sign up for the applicable 服务s and provide certain additional information that is subject to the RWR 隐私政策。会员声明并保证提交的所有信息都是真实准确的,会员应保持并及时更新此类信息的准确性。


Postings and 工资out categories

Though the RWR has many types of post content 会员 can submit for publication on the RWR 网站, the RWR has three paid to post categories. For each post category accepted by the RWR Editors, 工资outs are; 链接s ($0.20), Minor 故事 ($1.00), or Major 故事 ($4.00) per post.

Daily and monthly limits apply to the posts of a Member. 会员 can theoretically post 2 链接s and provide 2 Stories (Major and Minor) in total each day. 会员 can theoretically post 40 链接s and provide 20 Stories (Major and Minor) in total each month. A Member can post more but will not be paid for those additional posts. 

请查看RWR 导游 帮助会员更好地构建内容,获得报酬并了解RWR编辑器如何接受帖子。 RWR的编辑对会员帖子适用的付款类别拥有最终决定权 – with no mechanism to notify (other than viewing a 会员 account status) or appeal their decisions. The RWR will provide 支持 尽力而为。

Note that 会员 must observe all provisions in this 服务条款 relative to the content posted.


会员 must have a valid PayPal account to be paid. 


The minimum 工资out is $50.00. If Member 工资ments do not reach this amount in a said month, the amount of this said month will be rolled into the next month until Member reaches the $50.00 threshold.

Payments are made with 15 business days for 工资ment. Member will receive an email each month giving a report. 会员 may view their account status of their posts on their account profile.



让RWR为“payment for posting” model of our 网站 for our 用户数, it will require investments to 工资 posting 会员 and fund RWR operational costs. 了解更多 about the business model of the RWR on our 网站.


Shares shall be awarded on a $1.00 per share basis. 投资者 must maintain their 12-month monthly subscription 工资ments in order to keep their entire portfolio of shares by the end of the 12 months. 投资者 shall make 工资ments to RWR for their subscription via the RWR 工资ment processor PayPal.

每月投资者’的投资档次分别为$ 10.00,$ 25.00,$ 50.00或$ 100.00。

投资者’s monthly subscription 工资ment due date is monthly on the day of the month of their first 工资ment (days of the month of 29 through 31 will be considered on the 28th). 投资者 has 30 days to make their subscription 工资ment from the due date. If the Investor fails to make their subscription 工资ment, the Investor loses their entire share portfolio.  

投资者 may sell or transfer their share subscription to another User as long as the User is a Member of the RWR and then maintains the 12-month subscription 工资ments of the original Investor.



  • 分配股份总数中的百分比是投资者对RWR的所有权百分比。
  • RWR的董事必须保持投资者50%的信任度,才能继续担任董事。 
  • RWR的出售必须获得投资者50%的信任票。
  • 不投票的投资者允许RWR董事代表他们投票。
  • RWR的董事应每月向投资者发布股票配发状态和财务报告。
  • RWR的董事可以将股份的总份额每月稀释不超过20%,以获得RWR的资源。如果RWR的董事希望稀释的股份超过此数额,RWR的董事必须获得投资者50%的信任票。
  • 它将是投资者’引起缺乏信任的投票并提交给RWR的责任。 RWR的董事应合理协助投资者进行此信任投票。 
  • RWR由市场营销和销售,财务,总编辑和技术(网站管理员)四名董事管理,他们将通过谅解备忘录获得一致同意。他们将每月赚取100股汗水股权,并成为RWR的投资者。

The RWR is grateful if a User of our 网站 wants to donate to the RWR efforts. No shares shall be granted to this User unless the User is a Member and notifies the RWR within five business days it wishes share credit. Shares shall be awarded on a $2.00 per share basis, rounded down if not an integer number.


RWR希望通过第三方网站上的联合组织来推广其内容。见RWR合作伙伴 导游 根据我们的技术要求在您的网站上显示内容。第三方网站上RWR材料的使用受这些服务条款的约束。 



RWR希望支持健康的数字广告生态系统– one that is trustworthy and transparent and works for the 用户数 and 广告商. This means that this 服务条款 prohibits advertisements that may be harmful or of poor quality in the RWR advertising ecosystem.

我们结合使用了自动评估和人工评估,以确保广告符合这些服务条款。但是,如果您发现任何可能违反我们政策的广告,请举报这些广告。 RWR要求广告客户遵守所有适用的法律和法规。


为了提供优质的用户体验,RWR要求所有广告,附加信息和目的地均符合较高的专业和编辑标准。请看我们的 指南 有关广告的详细信息’技术要求和RWR网站上的广告展示位置。这些细节可能会随着时间而改变。是广告商’提供与RWR广告服务器一致的广告材料的责任。

Ad pricing and 工资ments

请看我们的 指南 for specifics on ad pricing and our 工资ment processor. Based on availability and ad volume amounts, pricing is negotiated on a case by case basis. Payment for ad placement must be in advance, and once the ad campaign is launched, the ad sale is final.


The following are advertisements are prohibited on the RWR 网站 without prior agreement:

  • 假冒商品的销售或促销。
  • 促销会导致损坏,伤害或伤害的某些产品或服务。
  • 促销旨在实现不诚实行为的产品或服务。
  • 令人震惊的内容的显示,它会煽动仇恨,不宽容,歧视或暴力。
  • 宣传成人娱乐活动中的产品或服务。
  • 宣传在线赌博产品或服务。
  • 通过排除相关产品信息或提供有关产品,服务或业务的误导性信息的欺骗性内容。
  • 宣传包含恶意软件的内容,“cloaking,”或使用其他技术隐藏真正的目的地和目的。
  • 使用未经授权的商标或版权内容。








  • 违反这些条款和条件。
  • 用户死亡或丧失能力时。
  • 由TPS管理层自行决定,
  • 退出用户或RWR的这些条款和条件。
  • 根据国家管辖法律另有规定。



The 用户数 will make no representations, warranties, or commitments binding the RWR without RWR’s prior consent, subject to provisions within these 术语s and Conditions.






Third-Party 网站s, 链接s, and 广告ments


RWR服务还包含指向RWR以外的其他方运营的其他网站的超链接。 RWR不对这些第三方网站的可用性负责,也不对此类第三方网站上的任何内容,广告,产品和/或服务或其他材料负责。我们绝对不会调查,监视或检查此类网站的准确性或完整性。在RWR服务中包含任何链接的第三方网站并不意味着RWR批准或认可该链接的网站。如果用户决定访问第三方网站,则在用户处进行访问’后果自负,用户应注意,RWR 服务条款不再受管辖。用户应查看用户浏览到的任何第三方网站的适用条款和政策,包括隐私和数据收集惯例。







RWR网站包含有关RWR内容的信息。 RWR向RWR用户提供付费广告。 RWR遵守尽力而为的质量标准。 RWR相信诚实的关系,观点和身份隐私。这可能会影响本网站上的内容,主题或帖子。本网站上表达的观点和意见纯属参与RWR网站的用户的观点和意见。本网站不包含任何可能构成利益冲突的内容。


通过该网站和电子邮件,用户可以链接到不受RWR控制的其他网站。 RWR无法控制那些网站的性质,内容和可用性。包含任何链接并不一定意味着建议或认可其中表达的观点。


If 用户数 have any questions about these 服务条款, please contact us: