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的Five Strategic Goals 王牌 Masterfully Achieved In 的First 总统辩论

听到媒体说,昨天晚上美国人一直屏住呼吸’特朗普总统与民主党候选人乔·拜登之间的首次总统辩论。预先计费为“the most-watched 辩论 in history,”我们将不得不等待收视率确定要调入多少收视率,才能观察到现代历史上两个分歧最大的候选人和竞选活动之间的摊牌。但是不要骗自己–特朗普总统今晚有具体的战略目标 ’s 辩论, which he successfully met. We will elaborate more on those later.

为两个竞争者选择的戒指是凯斯西储大学和俄亥俄州的克利夫兰诊所。福克斯新闻主持人克里斯·华莱士(Chris Wallace)在一场酒吧争吵中主持了90分钟的现场直播,“debate”, which in the era of Coronavirus meant a limited audience, approximately 100 in attendance, 和 social distancing with no exchange of handshakes between gladiators. 的 re was no traditional post-debate 旋转 room, rather, media outlets had interviews with surrogates for the campaigns. We are relieved to report no blood was spilled, no building burned to the ground, 和 all three men on the 辩论 stage were able to exit the hall independently 和 upright.

的“Summer of rage”进入秋天“protesters”在开幕式开始之前就让他们知道了他们的存在和意图。这说明我们的政治进程仍然处于这种直接威胁之下,需要 国民警卫 控制人群?甚至标志性的航站楼也被巨大的拜登·哈里斯(Biden Harris)图形照亮, 未经授权. 的 re were a few arrests made before the start of the 辩论, but the heavy law enforcement presence seems to have daunted any significant violence planned.

在对Fox进行了两个小时的稳固导入之后,一个又一个会说话的负责人对特朗普提出了严厉的批评– Fox faded into a shameful video graphic to signify the start of the 辩论. 的short video had scrolling flashes of words claiming the 数 of virus deaths under “Trump’s watch” juxtaposed to 拜登’s calm, uplifting words about hope 和 fixing the pathogen spread. 的opening teed up, claiming 王牌 was on the ropes after a tough summer as well. 的 n Wallace took a deep breath 和 proceeded to unravel from there. 

Predictably, the 辩论 questions were too broad 和 vague, often asked with Wallace’意见和结论融入其中。总统采取挑战性行动,向拜登发起挑战并采取防御措施。拜登在整个90分钟内都保持脚跟,证明他的政治过去和现在的立场是正确的。总统是有力的,有时甚至会毫不留情地指出他什么时候感到拜登没有如实或令人困惑,这是永恒的!  这里 是拜登的事实检查摘要’s statements with citations 和 put out 通过 王牌 Campaign.

王牌’的中断可能无意中为拜登提供了保障’记录下来的有关他说话时间越长的漫游和困惑历史的信息,导致出现沙拉时间。两位候选人都不乏刻骨铭心的时刻或激进的打扰。但是,查看此事件具有穷举性,如果选民介入以获取对候选人的大量了解,’s views on the issues, the 主持人 inserting himself into the 辩论 just watered down 和 obscured that quest.

的  右线报告期望克里斯·华莱士(Chris Wallace)不因自己的偏见和狡猾而名声高涨。但是我们没有预见到华莱士愿意为拜登队揭露他在坦克中的存在有多大的意愿,因为他将任何关于新闻诚信的面纱扔到窗外。不,真的,这是公然而恐怖的。华莱士成为特朗普’的对手,并开始代总统拜登责骂,谴责和辩论总统。他从来没有对拜登提出过不尊重名字的称呼或打扰的观点,甚至从未在拜登与拜登一起嘲笑过’的行为。每当特朗普试图用他的两分钟回答或反驳时,华莱士便经常打断特朗普。华莱士走得太远了,特朗普一度回应说:“好吧,首先,我想我’我在辩论你,而不是他。但是那’s okay.”请不要相信我们的话。阅读反应摘要  这里 这里 .

Wallace had announced in advance the topics he chose for the 辩论: COVID-19大流行和应对 ,一种  美国城市的种族与暴力 ,一种  的Supreme Court ,一种  选举的完整性,特朗普’s和Biden’s records和  经济。 阅读有关上述主题的交流的一些不错的摘要 这里 , 这里, 这里。


  • 拜登拒绝说他将不支持收拾法庭或废除Filibuster规则。甚至副总裁哈里斯也无法 旋转 对乔来说是肯定的。
  • 拜登 指责 王牌 of being Unpresidential while simultaneously telling the President of the United States to “shut up man’,你是美国有史以来最糟糕的总统”. You are a clown”, You are a liar’, “You are racist,” 和 “Putin’s Puppy.”
  • 拜登 pushed conspiracy theories all night, none of which have been documented as verified: Russian Bounties on U.S. Soldiers, Charlottesville good people hoax, 王牌 did not push Xi to investigate what happened with the virus, Antifa does not exist as an organization, 王牌 disparaged military, 和 Hunter 拜登’参议院报告中提出的财务问题都以某种方式被揭穿。阅读详情 这里。
  • Joe 拜登 showed up to 辩论 for 90 minutes, 和 while he did have a few gaffes, he did not exhibit alarming signs of cognitive decline as he has been showing on the campaign trail.
  • 拜登将再次关闭经济以应对大流行,提高 税收 通过 $4 trillion 和 increase regulations, 和 support a mask mandate. 王牌 would not do all of the above.
  • 拜登 does not trust the vaccine the 王牌 administration delivers. 王牌 has developed 操作经线速度 并与五家主要的制药公司和科学家合作,尽快提供安全的疫苗替代品。他的政府在军队待命,为那些希望在疫苗上线后接种疫苗的人提供运送和支持后勤服务。
  • 拜登宣称,“我现在是民主党!” 
  • 拜登 does an about-face 和 谴责 所有人的医疗保险,给警察和AOC退款’s Green Deal. Bernie’的宣言? Bueller?
  • 拜登 确认 no more coal or oil plants in America. 王牌 reaffirms all of the above, including renewable energy with clean water 和 air standards.
  • 拜登’绿色能源计划将耗资数万亿美元, 粉碎 经济引擎。
  • 拜登将在美国重返《巴黎气候协定》。
  • 拜登 claimed a 1.4% 国内生产总值 was leaving 王牌 a booming economy.
  • 拜登 did not know the actual 在他担任副总统期间,暴力犯罪下降了。他说分别为9.7%和15%。或者在下跌之前,这一比率在他们任期内上涨了20%。自2016年以来,到2018年,暴力犯罪率已大幅下降,并继续下降  秋季 during 王牌’直到弗洛伊德(Floyd)抗议,Black Live Matters和退还警察款项为止。在城市,非法执法暴动和民主党领导层利用执法资源并将警察标记为敌人,造成了巨大的后果。 尖峰 在犯罪中。
  • 拜登 supports Critical Race 的 ory 灌输。华莱士“confuses” CRT with sensitivity training, falsely claiming 王牌 has ended all sensitivity training.

还应该指出的是,克里斯·华莱士(Chris Wallace)对总统实行了卑鄙的谎言,而同谋现在已经将病毒式传播视为真理。

的Claim: 王牌 refused to condemn White Supremacists. Verdict: 假。

华莱士也是 同谋 in claiming President 王牌 said neo-Nazis were fine people in Charlottesville when Wallace himself had corrected guests on this issue on Fox News Sunday.

如果您今晚观看时不感到不安’s 辩论 exchanges, then that speaks volumes about you. All three men exhibited poor behavior, 和 this was not a civil exchange in the arena of ideas. 的constant interruptions raised voices talking over one another, combative, argumentative style, admonishing, mocking, 和 bitter disdainful words all three men engaged in was not a good look for any of them. 坦白说,这很粗鲁和令人作呕。但是战争是设计使人不愉快,痛苦和不希望的.

Yes, last night, 和 every day since 王牌 has been elected, he has had to battle, 和 both 拜登 和 Wallace came to defeat him last evening. Make no mistake, the media 和 DNC already wrote the script declaring 拜登 the victor long before the two men’s feet touched the stage. President 王牌 understands the psyche of his enemy 和 often their intended battle-plan in advance, hence his strategy heading into last night’s war.

Three realities faced 王牌 that once grasped explains his choices during the 辩论.

  1. 的辩论 was not designed to inform voters.
  2. 没有可以进行的公平分析。
  3. Wallace was an accomplice in the objective to shield 拜登, advocate for media narrative Orange man bad 和 拜登 good 和 descent, 和 above all, humiliate 和 shame 王牌 通过 censoring him in real-time. 

考虑一下这种现实,并问自己哪种策略最有效地对抗它?在战争中,您接受对手’s strengths 和 aim to find a weakness to outflank them. Often, that means utilizing their devious plotting 和 hubris back over on top of them, shocking them to make the wrong move. President 王牌 developed his approach, opened the flank, 和 took all the chess moves off the table. 这里 were his strategic goals:

  • 消除舞台上对他的唯一真正威胁–克里斯·华莱士。特朗普知道华莱士计划在拜登一踏上高潮时就进行干预,包括扮演“that is not true sir”事实检查员。华莱士本来应该是糖果·克劳利(Candy Crowley)2.0,但只有傻瓜才会犯错,以为特朗普像罗姆尼一样愚蠢而且容易操纵。对于华莱士来说,这是个人的,因为他内心憎恶特朗普。会长’在拜登(Biden)的立即全面正面指控迫使华莱士(Wallace)早日捍卫并使其处于抵御特朗普的位置’的干扰,而不是对特朗普部署他的隐形行动。最终,华莱士显得小气,有偏见和无能的主持人。特朗普在没有保护者挠曲的情况下将所有打击投向拜登。
  • Keep 拜登 on the defense the whole 辩论. 王牌 successfully kept 拜登 from filibustering, something Wallace would have tolerated, 和 made Joe retreat from answering direct specific questions. 拜登 struggled with rebuttals 和 rarely successfully pivoted. 王牌 was getting under his skin, 和 after a series of astounding name-calling 和 false accusations, 拜登 got exasperated 和 showed anger. If that 辩论 had gone another 15 minutes, 拜登 would have blown sky-high.
  • 冲出并迫使拜登疏远进步的左派。如上所述,特朗普精心打败拜登,以至于放弃了自己的平台(伯尼’马克思主义宣言)。当然,他不会成为车手中的一员’座椅如果当选,所以进步的方针,仍然是一个严重威胁,但这些进步选民赫然出现在美国谁已经紧张拜登挂在嘴上可能会留在家里,因为他们在2016年他的背叛后做了。特朗普彻底暴露了弱者“woke-ness” of 拜登. And 拜登’的团队和媒体精英’s reactions to the 辩论 reveal they know it.
  • 一位精明的将军知道,在战争中,阿尔法男性比β男性要胜利得多。毫无疑问,昨天晚上谁控制了这个舞台。郊区的妈妈可能会假装排斥,但大多数妈妈的DNA会背叛自己的美德信号。用电影中扮演的角色尼科尔森的话来说,“a few good men:”

    你不’想要真相,因为在你所不知道的地方’不要在聚会上谈论,你想要我在那堵墙上—你需要我在那堵墙上。 ”  

  • 的recent uptick in violence 和 riots will walk into that voting booth in November, 和 women will vote Law 和 Order 和 alpha male. 王牌 also understands the Latino culture 和 how they respond to alpha males. Check out the Telemundo poll:

President 王牌 had a war strategy, 和 he achieved all of his strategic goals. You may not like the way he did it, but he is still standing 和 advanced the ball. We will be paying close attention to the polling in battleground states, especially Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, 和 Ohio. Before you 秋季 for the media’s narrative of how many voters did 王牌 turn off in his 辩论 performance, ask yourself how did Joe play in those states mentioned above.

  RWR 原始文章联合来源。


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大故障分析。拜登把进步派扔在公共汽车下…..并告诉同一个ole CNN谎言。例子:“injecting bleach”和北卡罗来纳州白人至上主义者的谎言。


“Well, I guess I’我在辩论你,而不是他。” to Wallace. From that point on, 辩论 watchers were on alert for further evidence of Wallace’的偏见,他们当然有很多。华莱士没有’t so much prevent a 王牌 win as cut 拜登’的损失。我敢打赌,塔克·卡尔森(Tucker Carlson)现在正在紧追华莱士(Wallace),我敢打赌他赢了’t。就像是一个诚实的好兄弟,从来没有向外人批评他,以保护可悲的失败者兄弟?它是“Fox family”, after all.

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写得好分析。现在,如果我们可以从SCYTL和Soros拥有的SGO Smartmatic手中获得投票表格,该表格可以列出并报告每个候选人的选民人数。这些网站都不是安全的黑客。尽管索罗斯会做所有选举拜登所需的数字操作。必须解决这种委内瑞拉再到法国或欧洲其他地方的所有数据的荒谬状况,否则我们一定会成为社会主义国家。索罗斯低估了DJT’在2016年的政治实力,但他赢得了’t in… 阅读更多»

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发现 !!..


通过上面的链接:未经授权‘Biden-Harris’ light projected on Terminal Tower 通过 United Steelworkers union ahead of 辩论.
Why is a steel union supporting the Dems when 王牌 is resurrecting the steel industry?
是的,工会传统上是左派,都是为了集体勒索…I mean “bargaining”.


Great breakdown 和 analysis of the 辩论!
And it convinces me that 王牌 won very solidly 和 that this will be translated into votes.


Very thorough 和 impartial comments on this highly charged 辩论.
的adherence to fact 和 the intelligent analysis raises the bar in news reporting.
王牌 clearly came out the winner 和 best candidate for President.


It was a verbal UFC fight with 王牌 outnumbered 和 with 拜登 going totally below the belt with the support of the umpire/moderator.
Yes, 王牌 was up against a ruthless, slippery, determined adversary who is not bound 通过 decency, ethics, law or morals.
But 王牌 delivered his solid points 和 in my view clearly came out the winner despite the manner of delivery.

Donald 王牌